Solluna Oy is a new philosophy of healthy life style. We will teach you how to live longer, happier, look younger without spending too much money and too much time in the gym

 You will learn all the secret formulas - alchemy of the natural beauty, longevity, health and happiness. 

  • Maintaining strength, energy and a lean, sexy body well into your golden years is both achievable and easy with the right strategies 
  • How the fitness industry's obsession with hard, 60-minute exercise routines are wasting your time AND aging your body faster that you realize. (Exercise for optimal health takes a lot less time than you think.)
  • This single concept is the key to build a ripped, healthy body that will last a lifetime. Fitness is just ONE of the FOUR pillars of complete and balanced wellness. 
  • How to trick your body into naturally burning more fat  
  • Simple hacks will trigger a series of weight corrections in your body and help you enjoy more energy without adjusting your calorie intake, 
  • Face Yoga - the exercise is designed to train the muscles of the neck, chin, lips, cheeks and forehead. If you want to see real results, you need a to know the technique, regular, systematic and good training plan. Which we will provide you with and also you will get meal plan which will help you to boost your own collagen naturally, slow you aging and boost your natural energy. 
  • You will get also a plan how to take care of your skin, which products are the best for you

We are happy to have you join us for one of our Online courses or you can register to our private FB group. For little cost 9,50€/month you get so much information which you would have to pay so much money.