Face yoga workshop 2.11.2019

Yoga face Online basic course & much more about aging

Date: 08.08. 2020  

Place: Online 

Basic Online Course:

Naturally Become More Beautiful

Face Yoga is natural way to stay young - naturally become more youthful. By practicing face yoga everyday you can take 5-10 years of your biological age. Without even investing in plastic surgeries. Face yoga and exercises are effective as plastic surgery, Botox and anti aging creams.

Actually in a long term plastic surgery, Botox and anti aging creams can have sight effect. Most cosmetics on the market are actually working only on the surface of your skin. So they have only short time effect.

You can gain all the face-firming, - slimming, and tightening benefits of a face lift back. Does it sounds too good?

So Is face yoga effective?

It`s not a gym training, no risk, no pain! It`s so much fun.

Yes it is! BUT you have to be committed if you want to see the results. This method only requires regularity & endurance. Because facial ranting is due in part to muscle loss. If you can commit to daily routine - 10 - 20 minutes per day, exercise may strengthen those muscles, making the entire face look more firm and youthful. 

Also you need to know the technique. If you are doing the exercises with the wrong technique you can actually gain more wrinkles. In face yoga is VERY IMPORTANT the technique.

So why you should attend  face yoga workshop?

I will teach you the right technique so you can see the results within one month. I will teach you also how to naturally boost your collagen and we will talk also about the right diet for woman so you can stay lean, beautiful and full of energy as long as possible. And if you are going to follow the formula, which you learn on the course you can turn your biological clock back in 2-10 years.

 You will learn the rules which you can apply anytime and anywhere for the rest of your life. You can safe lots of money and time. SO ARE YOU IN ? 

The price is 60€ for one day workshop. The price includes: basic face yoga course, . You can buy it here 

Early bird price ( until 15.7.2020) is 49€ - you can buy it here

Place: Online

Finland Time: 10:00 - 13:30

Language: English, 

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!!!! All details about the course, we will send you 5 days before the course will start !!!!