SOLLUNA -  FACE YOGA CENTER  alchemy of anti-aging, fitness, longevity and life transformation 

Face Yoga Center

alchemy of anti-aging, beauty, and longevity

Face Yoga Center is a  new and unique anti-aging and healthy life style concept  for women, where you are going to learn the secret alchemy - formula step by step how to look younger, feel better, boost your energy and live longer and happier.

You can apply this strategies in your daily life and you will safe so much money, you will have more time for yourself and your family, and still look young and beautiful,  feel great and improve your fitness condition. 

Solluna alchemy is a revolutionary system which helps you to slow down your aging and boost your beauty, health, longevity and fitness. 

ENVY Therapy®

MUDr. Kožuchová:
"Skincare should first and foremost help the skin"

In my dermatological practice I daily meet women of different aging groups who fight against various skin issues on a long-term basis and they thrive to solve them by using popularized and promoted skincare products. These products often don´t help them to solve the problems, actually their use causes not only worsening of current problems, but also appearance of new problems on the skin.

Luxurious fashion skincare, neither current trend of so called bio-products, may not constitute an optimal solution for given problem of the skin. The choice of inappropriate product may initiate various skin diseases, i.e. acne cosmetic (caused by use of comedogenic products - silicones), perioral dermatitis (use of night and "heavy" creams), undesired pigmentation (use of products containing perfumes), etc.

Production politics regarding popularized skincare products (except for few exceptions) is targeted mainly to satisfy customers´ sensual perception - the face cream should be soft to touch, its appearance should be attractive, it should create the smooth skin and it should smell good. Few customers realize that all of these "comfortable effects" are brought to a product with use of chemical ingredients